Fun with math.

I am so happy because my son who is in 3rd grade now started doing better in Math.He hated the fact that he could not

figure the solutions right,then i searched on internet and found a blog „Talking math with your kids“ and that has helped us

alot.He has even noticed the change himself and thats the motivation he has now.

Stay home mom.

I am sitting here just had breakfast and would like to clean up the house because one of my kids will be here in one hour.But i still got time to write alittle bit more about me.Its been 10yrs now living in Germany yeah! i would say,it finally feels home,after learning the language and being around people here makes me understand them way much better and even being married to a german,its been an interesting journey with ups and downs but i thank God for everything.

So,if you relate with me or not please feel free to write,comment and maybe share some tips about everything.